Calendar of events for the Ashoka Swiss Community (2020-21)

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Dear Fellows, ASNs and partners of Ashoka,

Our role at Ashoka is to support you in your journey towards unleashing your full potential as changemakers. We have thus put together this calendar to help you navigate the wealth of events and activities Ashoka has to offer. The events listed below will be taking place in Switzerland and around the world between September 2020 and August 2021. You will find 3 types of events:

  • Inspiration: Conversations that give you a chance to discuss the most pressing social problems directly with Ashoka Fellows.

  • Learning: Courses, workshops and training programs to gain new skills and deepen your knowledge of social innovation.

  • Community: These events bring together our closest community to network, get to know each other and, maybe even work together.

For any further information, please contact Nicole ([email protected]). This calendar will be updated on a regular basis, and you can find the full list of Ashoka events happening around the world at anytime on

We look forward to engaging with you!





September 3rd

Changemakers Unidos Summit LATAM

Type: Inspiration & learning

Place&Time: Online, 16.00-18.45 CET

Description: Changemakers Unidos is a collective effort to support social innovators on the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis in Latin America. This Summit will showcase the 20 Ashoka Fellows whose innovations will be accelerated over six months.


September 8th

Ashoka Inspirational Talk: Empathy, the new essential skill

Type: Inspiration

Place&Time: Online13.30-14.30 CEST

Description: Conversation with Ashoka Fellow, Mary Gordon, founder of the groundbreaking Roots of Empathy, on why empathy is so important in today's world, and how it can be taught.


September 30th

Joint event with Women in Sustainable Finance

Type: Inspiration

Place&Time: Online, 12.15-13.45 CET

Description: Dynamic conversation with Ashoka and Women in Sustainable Finance to celebrate socially engaged female leaders, with a successful Ashoka Fellow who will share her powerful story live.




October 2nd (until January 2021)

System Change module

Type: Learning

Place&Time: Online, more info on the website

Description: Training based on Ashoka Fellows' most powerful strategies to achieve large scale and long term social change.


October 13th

Ashoka Inspirational Talk: Being Aligned, How to connect your inner self with your role in society

Type: Inspiration

Place&Time: Online, 13.30-14.30 CET

Description: Conversation with Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens, founder of Apopo, on how to be at peace with career and purpose in life.


October 15th (until February 11th)

The Wellbeing Lab (for Fellows only)

Type: Learning

Place&Time: Online, more info on the website

Description: An online journey to delve into the relationship between wellbeing and social entrepreneurship. Through the guidance of experts, explore wellbeing practices and get the tools you need to be your best self.




November 17th-19th

Ashoka Changemaker Summit

Type: Inspiration, Learning and Community

Place&Time: Online, 9.00 CET

Description: Ashoka's largest global gathering will celebrate newly elected Ashoka Fellows and Ashoka Young Changemakers, and connect the largest community of social entrepreneurs and leaders from business and philanthropy to learn and collaborate on strategies for systemic social change.


November 25th (to December 1st)

Hybrid Social Finance workshop

Type: Learning

Place&Time: Online, 9.00-11.00 CET

Description: Two-day workshop on creating blended finance raising strategies as well as investment offers that appeal to both commercial and social investors.




December 10th

Ashoka Inspirational Talk: Bee Agile, How biodiversity brings value and inspires business

Type: Inspiration

Place&Time: Online, 13.30-14.30 CET

Description: Conversation with Michael van Custem, co-funder of Beeodiversity, on how biodiversity can teach us to be more flexible and agile.




January 13th

Apéro: Welcoming a new Swiss Fellow

Type: Community

Place&Time: Zurich, TBD

Description: Celebrate the election of a new Ashoka Fellow, and welcome him into our family of changemakers.




February 5th (until March 26th)

Collective Action for System Change course

Type: Learning

Place&Time: Online, more info on the website

Description: Opportunity to take a step back from your day-to-day activities and rethink or deepen your personal role as a collaborative leader. Work on your approach to facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations for system change, get tools, leadership skills and strategies for effective collaboration.


February 25th 

Ashoka Inspirational Talk: Surprise guest

Type: Inspiration

Place&Time: Online, 13.30-14.30 CET

Description: Another month, another inspiring conversation in which you get to talk directly to an outstanding Ashoka Fellow. For now, we are keeping the guest as a sweet surprise for you!


February TBD

Government Alliance module

Type: Learning

Place&Time: Online, more info on the website

Description: Working with government is increasingly recognised as an effective pathway to systems change. This training will focus on how to choose the right tactics for increasing government’s awareness on the problem, willingness to act and capacity to implement.