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Ashoka Fellow Laurindo Garcia Induction 2016
Source: Ashoka Fellow Laurindo Garcia Induction 2016

Top LGBT Supporters That Inspire Us

This article originally appeared on Philippine Tatler

"Laurindo Garcia founded the B-Change Group in 2011 motivated by a wish to support the well-being of diverse communities, and use to alternative models and methodologies in order to enable this work to be sustained in the long-term. He is an accomplished community advocate and communications specialist based in the Philippines and openly living with HIV for over 10 years. He serves on the board of B-Change's units in Manila, New York and Singapore and leads the Group by carrying executive duties." 

Through his confidence and accomplishments, Garcia is an advocate through and by example. A staunch supporter for the LGBT and inspiring personality, he continues to be vocal about his beliefs and programmes for change. 

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