Sawa World crowdfunds its way empowering 10,000 East African youth

Source: SAWA

Daphne Nederhorst -- an Ashoka fellow, social entrepreneur, and real-world superhero -- has crowdfunded over $10,000 in advance of Sawa World Day 2015 with her globally leading social enterprise, Sawa World. Each dollar raised in the "I Am The Solution" campaign will help an African youth living in extreme poverty to acquire the skills to become employed and improve their livelihoods permanently.  Sawa World Day will be happening this year on March 22nd in Kampala, Uganda. 

From the age of seven, Daphne knew she would dedicate her life to helping the most marginalized and vulnerable people in the world.  She grew up with the belief that she should never impose her own ideas on impoverished communities as an outsider. Rather, she and her team focus on combating extreme poverty by supporting local heroes who found their own solution to the problem.  This kind of large-scale change is Daphne's innovative solution to the urgent global challenge of extreme poverty.  

Daphne has travelled to over 43 countries, holds three academic degrees, and is a part-time professional at UBC.  Further, she has been awarded the YMCA Peace Award and was selected as a finalist in 2010 for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for her achievements, including her vision of growing Sawa World.  She was also nominated as a semi-finalist with a chance to be a presenter at United Nations, at the 2013 Forbes 400 Summit of Philanthropy.

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