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A child writes on her notebook at the center surrounded by colorful graphics like letters and music notes
Source: Ashoka Philippines

Education for generations of changemakers

This article originally appeared on Rappler

Through his award-winning non-profit organization AHA! Learning Center (Angels Here Abound), Jaton is equipping those who have the least in life the agency to dream and be the change that they want to be. Jaton does this by creating long-term and accessible citizen-powered programs that ensure the involvement of parents, teachers, and the community in the learning journey and holistic formation of a child. 

Founded in 2009, what sets AHA apart from other after-school tutorial programs is their commitment to leave no child behind. AHA focuses on teaching children based on their proficiency level, regardless of their grades, for free. Supporting each student’s families along the way, AHA stays long enough to see over 300 “low-performing but high-potential” public school students through college as they make a real difference in their and others’ lives.

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