• Waves Summit 24

I truly believe in collaboration, across sectors, across organizations and among people with different ideas and approaches. An open mind and passion for change are both crucial ingredients towards real collaboration and this has been evident across my interactions with Ashoka’s network.

Jennie Perzon
ASN member and Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets, Stockholm School of Economics
Jennie Perzon

Joining the Ashoka Fellowship was an opportunity for us to connect with the community of Ashoka team members, advisors, fellows, etc. being able to understand more in-depth what it means to bring systems change.

Rustam Nabiev
Ashoka Nordic Fellow and founder of Shifo Foundation
Rustam Nabiev

I think Ashoka is a fantastic platform for networking and a catalyst for systems change.

Annika Pärson
ASN member and Chair of Young Solidarity Foundation
Annika Sten Parson

Ashoka's Fellowship program is a really unique resource and society platform that thinks more about exponential approaches to scaling, providing a really helpful framework for doing exactly that together with a cohort of experts from the field of social innovation.

Sascha Haselmayer
Ashoka Nordic Fellow and Founder of Citymart
Sascha Haselmayer

Forbes knows that the story is change. No one sees that more clearly than Ashoka. It has an extraordinary ability both to envision the big, new patterns and to engineer their emergence.