Nathalie Sajda

Ashoka Staff
Photo of Nathalie Sajda, Youth Manager / Changemaker Map Manager for Ashoka Nordic
Nordic Youth Manager & Nordic Changemaker Map Manager

A Swedish national, with Polish roots, educated in South Korea and with 10 years of working experience in Thailand, Korea and Singapore.

Nathalie spearheaded the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Young Leaders Programme between 2014-2016. She also led the ASEF Education Policy Program between 2017-2018.

Nathalie has also worked with social enterprises in Thailand and South Korea in the area of digital and participatory public health, gamification and education, creative development among visually impaired and local-led tourism.

She graduated from Kyung Hee University (Seoul, South Korea) summa cum laude. Her dissertation examined the practices and perceptions of Social Impact Assessments (SIA) and social accountability among Thai social enterprises and impact investors.

When Nathalie is off duty there is a high probability that you will find her in a wet-suit submerged and immersed in exploring the sea - once upon a time a synchronised swimmer, today a diver.