2012 Globalizer Summit Munich

Ashoka identified digital innovations for solving social problems that are ready for rapid global growth.

For example:

  • Irish entrepreneur Mike Feerick's company ALISON is aiming to become the “Google of higher education.” ALISON is a free online community college, offering interactive multimedia courses for basic education and workplace skills. ALISON’s modules are standards-based, developed with global brand names such as Microsoft (IT Skills) and the British Council (English language). Mike targets these courses towards marginalized sectors of society (the unemployed, low-skilled, low-waged, elderly, immigrants, etc), who are most in need for high quality skills-based education. 
  • CouchSurfing, founded by Casey Fenton, sees a world where everyone has the opportunity to explore, and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Through a range of inspiring, face-to-face interactions, the three-million member base is helping create a better world, forming friendships that help build a global community and promote tolerance and empathy. As Chief Inspiration Officer, Casey wants to focus on attracting members who respect and appreciate cultural diversity, as well as creating new types of inspiring experiences for as many people as is needed to begin to impact the world. 
  • Hilmi Quraishi is pioneering mobile phone technology to spread public awareness on a range of pressing health and social issues, through the use of electronic games. Beginning with a highly successful HIV/AIDs awareness campaign in rural communities in India, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Hilmi is now taking gaming to the next level by introducing issues such as climate change, education, agriculture and micro-finance. Now reaching nearly 33 million people in India and Africa, Hilmi’s ‘edutainment’ strategy targets media-dark areas and under-educated populations with critical and potentially life-saving information. 

Supporting the global expansion of great ideas: Ashoka Globalizer @ Digital Life Design 

Ashoka brought these inspiring leaders and nine other top-class social entrepreneurs together with leading entrepreneurial minds from the private sector, to match social innovations with strategic resources to help achieve global scale, and to shed light on the role of digital and communication technology in solving social problems. The Ashoka Globalizer took place on January 20th and 21st in conjunction with the Digital Life Design conference, and also involved business entrepreneurs such as Esther Dyson (Chairman EDventure Holdings), David Kirkpatrick (Founder of Techonomy Media and author of "The Facebook Effect"), Badr Jafar (President of Crescent Petroleum), Lars Hinrichs (Founder of Xing), Paul Bernhard Kallen (CEO Hubert Burda Media), and Naif Al-Mutawi, CEO of Teshkeel Media Group and creator of The 99. These visionary business leaders shared their insights into growth strategies, and drew on their experiences to help social entrepreneurs create cutting-edge new strategies and partnerships.

List of all participating fellows below: