Erlijn Sie

Ashoka Staff
Global Partnership Manager, Ashoka Netherlands

Erlijn holds two Master degrees, in Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences and in South East Asian languages and cultures. She started her career in the corporate sector, working as an advisor for major Dutch companies like ABN, KLM and Philips. Erlijn is currently leading the Accelerating Healthcare Access Partnership with Philips. Next to being director of Ashoka Nederlands in the past years Erlijn is a social entrepreneur: co-founder of Microkrediet voor Moeders, an MFI operating in South & Southeast Asia. She was MD of the Banking with the Poor network (SIngapore) and HandsOn Microfinance (Amsterdam) too. And recently she founded Credits for Communities, a Global Movement aiming to increase the access to community-owned solutions that increase the well-being of the community at large. Erlijn's ambition is to contribute to a more just economy, accessible for the poor, with a special focus on social enterpreneurship, inclusive finance and Asia.