All Ashoka Partners

Ashoka's partners work together to invest in the people and patterns of collaborative entrepreneurship that are necessary in an Everyone a Changemaker® world.


Sesc SP

Sesc develops cultural, sport, and social tourism activities, health and environmental education programs, special programs for children and elderly, and also citizenship programs, through a permanent educational process.

Shadow Communication


Siemens Stiftung

El objetivo de Siemens Stiftung es reducir el déficit existente de servicios básicos y fortalecer la estructura social necesaria a través de soluciones sustentables de emprendedores sociales, manteniendo una plataforma de transmisión de conocimiento y haciendo posible el networking para desarrollar...

Sistema B

System B supports the construction of favorable ecosystems for Empresas B and other economic actors that use market strength to solve social and environmental problems.

Social Impact GmBH

Büroinfrastruktur in Hamburg / Beratung von Fellows

Social Media Squad





SOFOFA is a non-profit Gremial Federation that brings together companies and guilds linked to the Chilean industrial sector. Its political independence, solidity of principles, technical approach and prestige of its leaders has allowed it to achieve an important site in national life, and is heard...

Solidarity Mission

Solidarity Mission is a training, research and innovation center for social economy, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development with a mission to contribute to the development of social and solidarity economy
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Souriadakis Tsibris

Souriadakis Tsibris is a dynamic and competitive Greek law firm.