New Vista High School

Changemaker School

New Vista High School is part of a national small high school movement, which emphasizes high expectations for all students, the personalization of learning, and democratic values. New Vista actively engages every student in rigorous learning. Their program includes high academic and behavioral expectations for all students, personal relationships built on mutual respect with all adults in the building, an adviso r that supports each student from enrollment through graduation, choices that allow students to shape the educational program to meet their needs and interests, active learning within all classrooms as well as varied and engaging course offerings, and significant opportunities to learn in the community. Finally, New Vista has a school culture that values individuals, community and learning with an explicit emphasis on understanding and valuing diversity.

From a student when asked:  What are the best aspects of our school?

“Equity in our culture. It allows for us to be open and understanding.  I can be myself completely and unapologetically. This wouldn’t happen at a typical high school. This is a huge strength of the school, especially for those who don’t identify as anything other than the norm. The connections that students form with teachers and staff and the first name basis is integral to creating a comfortable climate. We’re not stuffy and formal. It’s authentic. You can talk with your teachers and form a real connection. It promotes a space where you can thrive as yourself, and have the best learning environment possible.”