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Black Lives Matter
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An Open Letter to our Community on Racial Justice

This article originally appeared on Ashoka U

This is a moment of reckoning. Ashoka U recognizes that the pain and suffering of today has roots in a long history of wide-ranging, everyday social and racial injustice. It’s critical to publicly acknowledge the toxic effect of institutionalized white supremacy that has tainted our collective histories. We stand in solidarity with and support the many colleagues and organizations working toward a more just and equitable world.

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As a community of changemakers, educators, and leaders committed to the values of systemic change, we must learn from and listen to those acutely impacted by these social and racial injustices. As changemakers, we must tap into our empathy, activate our communities for positive change, and build a vision for a better world is the fuel that will power new models, new innovations, and new thinking that is critical and needed right now. As educators, we must closely examine who is able to engage in higher education and more importantly, who is not. As individuals, we must ensure that we understand the history of racial injustice and oppression and guide our students to do the same. As leaders, we must amplify the voices, perspectives, and leadership of communities of color, many of whom have been here, innovating and changemaking long before us.