"Any young person, can have the power to express love and respect in action."

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Source: Ashoka

At the 2013 Ashoka U Exchange, Bill Drayton, in his keynote speech at the Exchange, shares his vision for the future of higher education.

About the Exchange he said; "This is not a few people talking and everyone else listening. This is an everyone a changemaker meeting where everyone is here to help everyone else be a changemaker, help the country, and the world through a very profound time of change."

On the type of transformation necessary for every young person; "Any young person that we know, who has the experience, where they have built a team, and they have changed their world, they have the power from that moment on. They are never going to be afraid, they are going to learn whatever they need to learn. They have the power to express love and respect in action. We all know it brings happiness, health, longevity. They are going to be a changemaker for life. No longer are we in a world that is about repetition, the game now how you can contribute to change? Because, now, society needs everyone to be a changemaker."

"The old system was about master a set of rules, but that is obsolete. Now, it's about the skills that can enable you to contribute to change. Higher education will have to be about how well are you enabling youth to work in a fluid, open system."

Watch the video for more wisdom on the future of higher education in context of a new global paradigm: