Naisargik L

Ashoka Young Changemaker
Elected in 2019

About Naisargik L

Naisargik aims to counteract environmental pollution and curb the risk of cancer with agricultural innovation and community outreach.

Nasargik realised that the Chromium mining activities in Sukinda Valley region cause an increase in carcinogenic substances in the water. By convincing a renowned research institution to support him, Naisargik developed a remedy that is both natural and is proven to inhibit these carcinogens from entering rice plants by adding a polymer matrix to the soil after ploughing. This solution has been taken up by the state's Agriculture Ministry for further testing and implementation across the valley.

Naisargik, also co-founded Yuva Utkal, a youth-led civic action group. Yuva Utkal runs a storytelling initiative that sends volunteer storytellers to villages affected by pollution from the mines every 2 weeks. The volunteers engage with the community to raise awareness about the dangers of mining effluents on locals and the environment.

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