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Daquan Oliver
Source: WeThrive

What Happens When Young People Lead

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Daquan  Oliver started WeThrive in 2014 to change the way young leaders from underestimated communities are identified, elevated and provided ongoing support along the pathway to economic prosperity. We talked to Daquan about his own entrepreneurial journey and the mindset shift that’s needed to set up all young people for success in school and life.

Daquan Oliver

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2020

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At WeThrive, we believe that every single young person — especially from underestimated communities - has the capacity to win and reach their goals. When you understand that “under-resourced” youth are simply underestimated and living with the consequences of those limits, it forces us to adjust our estimation of them and their potential. We need to believe that every young person, every 13 or 14 year old, can achieve great things like launching a company or organization, either on their own or as part of a team.