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Meet the Young People Leading Us Forward

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Media narratives often portray the younger generation as self-absorbed and indifferent — and COVID-19 coverage is no exception. We’ve seen reports focus on young people who refused to take the crisis and stay-at-home orders seriously. But this isn’t the full story.

The reality: young people aren’t the problem — they’re at the center of solutions. Not only are millions of young people embracing social responsibility by staying at home right now, we’re seeing many hard at work solving challenges in their communities.

From addressing mental health, to economic inequality, to online education, young changemakers are taking action during our current crisis while shaping our planet’s future. Here’s how.

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All of these stories remind us that we all have an important role to play right now — regardless of age or where we live.

For adults, this includes creating space for young people to lead. And for young people, it could mean discovering how you and your friends can support your community — whether it’s speaking up about injustice, helping neighbors get food and supplies, or organizing a group of friends to tutor younger students online.

There’s always an opportunity to step up — in times of crisis and every day.