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A Medical School for Changemaking

This article originally appeared on Stanford Social Innovation Review

We founded Amani Institute to answer two questions.

For Ilaina, it was a memory of my first university class: in an overcrowded room, after three uninterrupted hours of lecturing on the “Logic and Theory of Knowledge,” the professor matter-of-factly remarked that “fewer than 30 percent of you will graduate.” When a brave hand raised to ask why, he only replied: “Many of you don’t know what you want, others won’t be able to pay for it, and others won’t like it.” It shocked me. “If we already know how far short higher education is falling, why haven’t we done anything?”

For Roshan, it was guest lecturing at leading universities in the United States and discovering how under-prepared so many graduate students that were looking to work in social impact were. Leading social entrepreneurs all complained that they couldn’t find enough people with the skills and qualities they needed to grow their organizations. “If this was the case at the best universities in the world, what is it like everywhere else?”

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Ashoka insight

The core model remains constant: six intertwined elements that combine adult-education best practices with our own innovations:

  1. A Flipped Global Approach
  2. A “Medical School” for Changemaking
  3. Skills for the 21st Century
  4. The Inner Journey of the Changemaker
  5. Affordability for Inclusion and Diversity
  6. A Global Community of Changemakers