New Strategic Landscape

One hundred years ago, accelerating change had reached the point that society needed everyone to be literate. Now society needs everyone to be ready to thrive in a world of constant, rapid, exponential change as a skilled changemaker. It needs every young person, parent, and educator to grasp this new paradigm for success in growing up — and in life.

Insights for Youth based on the Work of the Ashoka Fellows

Our understanding of the changemaking power of young people comes directly from our network of 3,500 Ashoka Fellows. 55 percent of our Fellows work directly with young people, and of that group, 53 percent put young people in charge of leading initiatives and projects within their organizations.

Empathy and Helping Others to See Themselves as Changemakers

As we looked deeply into the lives of these system changing social entrepreneurs two major insights emerged: First, was the importance of empathy in understanding people and complex problems and in motivating and driving change. For this reason, Ashoka is committed to supporting the development of empathy in all young people.

Second, almost half of our Ashoka Fellows started their changemaker journeys before the age of 21. To support leadership by young people, we have worked directly with almost 500,000 young people through our Youth Venture program and built vital partnerships with aligned and impactful stakeholders to ensure that young people around the world learn to lead young and to recognize their power to be changemakers.

Building a Networked Movement with Key Partners

At Ashoka, we are working every day to build and cultivate a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. Among our key partners are Changemaker campuses, Changemaker schools and school districts, aligned youth-serving organizations, community leaders, schools of education, teachers’ unions, religious organizations, media partners, publishers, and business and government leaders.

We invite and encourage you to explore the diverse ways that Ashoka’s Youth Years programs support changemaking in young people, adults, organizations, and companies. Engage with our dedicated programs today to help advance an “Everyone a Changemaker” world.

Our Network

We encourage you to explore the diverse ways that Ashoka’s Youth Years programs support changemaking in young people, adults, organizations, and companies. Engage with our dedicated programs today to help advance an “Everyone a Changemaker” world:


Ashoka Young Changemakers are at the heart of the "Everyone a Changemaker" movement. They are a carefully selected network of young people who have found their power to create change for the good of all, and who are engaging their peers and the entire society in realizing a world where "everyone is a changemaker". If you or someone you know fits this description, consider joining our community of leaders. 

Ashoka Youth Venture® designs holistic strategies and experiential youth engagements that insert changemaking into the cultures of companies, schools and universities, and youth organizations. Youth Venture works with young people and partners to co-create tools and programs that help young people self-identify as changemakers and master critical pathways for thriving as changemakers, such as: empathy, collaborative leadership, team-of-teams culture building, and changemaking (creative problem solving). Visit Youth Venture online and follow on us on Twitter: @Youth_Venture.

Ashoka Changemaker Schools enable all students to become changemakers: young people with the skills and confidence to change the world for the good of all. At Ashoka Changemaker Schools, students are learning the essential skills of empathy, creativity, thoughtfulness, leadership, and teamwork so that they can thrive in the modern world and find solutions to our most complex problems. We have adapted our methodology for selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to identifying and selecting a global network of Changemaker Schools. Follow us on Twitter: @AshokaCMschools.

The Ashoka Changemaker-Xchange is a global collaboration platform for young social entrepreneurs. It gathers some of the world’s most exciting changemakers at summits around the world to exchange and co-create ideas. The Changemaker-Xchange brings together young social entrepreneurs from 40 different countries in Europe and the Middle East, including Turkey, North Africa, and Asia.

Ashoka U works with colleges and universities to foster a campus-wide culture of social innovation. Ashoka U takes an institutional change approach to impact the education of millions of students. We collaborate with colleges and universities to break down barriers to institutional change and foster a campus-wide culture of social innovation. See Ashoka U’s Theory of Change for tipping higher education. Follow us on Twitter: @AshokaU.