Khalsa Montessori School

Changemaker School
Illustration of buildings depicting an organization

What if educators could raise children with a clearer vision about change from the start? This inspired Khalsa Montessori School from its inception in 1976 and continues to drive their mission today. Khalsa Montessori School works at building a beautiful environment to encourage a sense of responsibility and caring for the world, an instructional method to encourage independence, collaboration and a sense of empowerment to make a difference, and curriculum content to encourage children to wonder about the universe, our world, and the needs of its inhabitants. Khalsa Montessori School seeks to encourage their community of adults and children, families and faculty, to be collaborative, learner-centered and respectful. Khalsa Montessori School has found many likeminded people and programs that have become good resources for supporting this work and they have built strong relationships with a network of individuals in their community who are Changemakers in their own ways. From them, Khalsa Montessori School has learned to communicate more compassionately, eat more wisely, play more joyfully, live on earth more responsibly, and serve our community more faithfully.