Seth Flaxman, on the Future of Voting

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Seth Flaxman, creator of Democracy Works, describes "our shared challenge: how do we create a culture of voting? Our free toolkit can help.

"According to the U.S. Census survey of nonvoters (yes, the Census asks about this), a collection of process problems are a bigger hurdle than voter apathy. This is actually hopeful. Process is easier to fix and we’re making progress.

Seth Flaxman

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 2013

"Automatic voter registration and Vote at Home options — as in, all registered voters are automatically mailed ballots — are both trending nationally. Both can improve security and access while reducing costs.

"We want to see 80 percent of all eligible voters participating — in other words, a 20 point increase in turnout across all elections. That’s doable. And necessary."

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