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Diya Kohli
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Youth Leaders that are Changing the World

This article originally appeared on IB Community Blog

Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and Bana Alabed may all be raising awareness about different issues but what they collectively demonstrate is that young people can successfully bring attention to the world’s most pressing issues and influence change.

Children today are highly exposed to the issues impacting the world and have become increasingly concerned with finding solutions for these social, political and environmental issues to make a long-lasting difference.

Ashoka, in collaboration with the IB, is cultivating a new generation of ‘changemakers’—those who take action to address problems, activate others and work towards solutions for the good of all.

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In a world of accelerating change, everyone needs to be practised changemakers in their personal and professional lives, whether in a company, government or citizen organization.