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There’s a 4-step process to teaching empathy that every working parent should know

This article originally appeared on Quartz

"Empathy comes naturally to a lot of people. It’s easy enough to feel bad for an employee who’s struggling with child care issues, or to bristle at the injustice of a colleague getting passed over for a well-deserved promotion.

What’s far trickier is translating that empathy into action. On that front, Bill Drayton—the founder and CEO of the global nonprofit Ashoka, which identifies and supports social entrepreneurs—has some ideas.

Empathy is the cornerstone philosophy of Ashoka, given that, as Drayton says, it’s impossible to do social good without understanding the problems that people face. As part of its focus on empathy, the nonprofit runs a workshop for businesses, entitled “Your Kids,” which teaches a four-step process for coaching kids on how to empathize with others, and how to channel that empathy toward productive solutions..."

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