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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Anne Kjær Bathel Fellow Germany 2021
Cheryl Perera Fellow Canada 2021
Hadi Al Khatib Fellow Germany 2021
Elsie Amoako Fellow Canada Human Rights & Equity, Health care, Maternal health, Racial equity, Reproductive health, Social enterprise, Technology 2021
Jörg Knüfken Fellow Germany 2021
Bryan Gilvesy Fellow Canada 2021
Graciela Rojas Fellow Mexico Gender equity, Networking, Corporate social responsibility, Education reform, Changemaking, Capacity building 2021
Iarina Taban Fellow Romania Children & Youth, Human Rights & Equity, Changemaking, Child care, Child protection, Empathy, Non-formal education, Volunteerism 2021
Mariana Ruenes Fellow Mexico Human trafficking, Technology, Travel and tourism, Child exploitation 2021
Alpha Sennon Fellow Trinidad and Tobago Agriculture, Education / Learning 2021
Eugen Vaida Fellow Romania Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity, Peace & Harmonious Relations, Architecture, Citizen / community participation, Community development, Conservation / protection, Cultural preservation, Economic development, Rural, Rural development, Volunteerism 2021
Gulcan Yayla Fellow Turkey 2021
Meena Palaniappan Fellow Indonesia Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity, Environment & Sustainability 2021
Sarphan Uzunoglu Fellow Turkey 2021
Gabriela Agustini Fellow Brazil 2021