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Ruth Gelehrter da Costa Lopes

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 1991


Ruth Gelehrter da Costa Lopes, a São Paulo social psychologist, has started Brazil's first public psychological clinic for the elderly, a burgeoning population ignored by Brazilian professionals and institutions.

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Lennon Flowers

Ashoka Fellow since May 2016

United States

Mikuláš Kroupa

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2016

Czech Republic

Mikuláš works to spur civic engagement and a sense of responsibility for public life among youth and adults of Central Europe by encouraging them to examine, understand and engage with shared past and relate on a deeper level to the importance of overcoming indifference to public life in the human...

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Anne Basting

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2017

United States

Anne Basting is transforming the experience of aging and the stigma around dementia and memory loss by empowering older adults and their caregivers with new practices rooted in creative expression and community building. Having demonstrated the impact at the individual level, her sights are now set...

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