YBC (Young Business Creatives)

Changemaker School

YBC’s vision is “our students will change the world” and is aiming to be a creative meeting place for a lifelong learning in an ever changing world. The school practices entrepreneurial learning – one of few schools in Sweden doing this – which is also very rare in public schools. The aim is to have the students lead their own education and focus it to what they are interested in.


The education is arranged around 7 skills: creativity, thinking, self-confidence, communication, responsibility, digital ability and business thinking. The architecture of the school is created to build an innovative environment were teamwork and transparency is leading. The center of the school is a plaza – where students and teachers study, work and socialize together. Classrooms, the principal’s office, teacher’s office and reception – all equally equipped with glass walls, surround the plaza and are built to promote integration and teamwork. The school became the precursor of the term “the future classroom” in Sweden – and that more schools are following now.