Red Bull Ampahiko's question time with Bill Drayton

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Source: Ashoka

From one day to the next, our environments are changing and our global community is struggling to keep up with the high-rate of change. More than ever, today, the world needs changemakers and social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to tackling problems with the greater good of everyone always in mind.

Social entrepreneurs, like all entrepreneurs continue to innovate being fully aware of the the need to grapple with the ever-changing business environments in which they work. Red Bull Amaphiko has engaged with social entrepreneurs all over the world to give them the opportunity to ask Ashoka founder and serial social entrepreneur, Bill Drayton, their pressing questions.

In the following videos, Bill shares his insights about the direction in which Ashoka sees the world going based on trends and knowledge gleaned from the 3000+ Fellows across the world.


1) “What is the biggest challenge facing social enterprises?” - Sifiso Ngobese, South Africa



2) “Are there common traits amongst social entrepreneurs?” - Daniel Dubois, Canada


3) “How can we inspire young people to follow their dreams and not be scared?” - Raquel Rosenberg, Brazil


4) “What steps are important to follow, in order to ensure a successful project?” - Adriana Mallet, Brazil


5) "How can I connect to other similar social entrepreneurs on a global scale?" - Mundano, Brazil