Hamse Warfa, on The Future of Digital Identity

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Hamsa Warfa
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Hamse, what did you create?

My co-founders and I created a digital economic identity platform. Harnessing the benefit of blockchain technology, our company provides a secure, portable ID that records and maintains an unlimited number of transactions, economic and otherwise, such as: health data, education records, work history, and even financial support from family members overseas that can show source of stable income. This set of data is owned by the user who creates it, and can be accessed even via basic SMS mobile phones.

Hamse Warfa

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2017

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Ashoka insight

Our lives are shaped by digital accessibility. We need a paradigm shift in how data is owned. Traditional databases have administrators that control. Blockchain does not. It enables the democratization and decentralization of data, finance, and eventually power.