Ashoka Future Forward Innovation Challenge Winners Named Forbes Africa's Top 30

Ashoka is honored to announce that two of the Future Forward: Youth Innovations for Employment challenge winners, Ellen Chilemba and Alain Nteff, were selected among 30 Africa’s most promising young entreprenuers for 2015. The Forbes cited the nominees, “You may not know many of their names now, but in 20 years they could be on the cover of FORBES AFRICA with their story of multi-million-dollar success.” Alain was also recently endorsed by Queen Elizabeth under the umbrella of the first Queens Young Leaders Award (read more here).

Ellen Chilemba, founder of Tiwale, a social enterprise that provides financial and professional training to women. Chilemba, now 20, and her team have trained 150 women as entrepreneurs, while also offering grants, loans and lessons that can lead to empowerment and independence.

Alain Nteff is a 22-year-old from Cameroon. Alarmed by the high death rate of newborn babies and pregnant women in his community, he decided to do something and developed a mobile app that helps teenage mothers and health workers calculate due dates. This mobile app, GiftedMom, also runs mobile campaign on  family planning, contraception techniques, and other reproductive health issues. Till today, over 1200 Cameroon women and mothers have benefited from GiftedMom.

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