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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Sachin Chaudhary Fellow India Mental health, Health & Fitness 2018
Sajida Rahman Fellow Bangladesh Disability rights, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Mohamed Zariat Fellow Morocco 2018
E K Shaji Fellow India Education reform, Children & Youth 2018
Shailabh Kumar Fellow India Financial services / markets, Economic development, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity 2018
Pranshu Singhal Fellow India 2018
Salem Massalha Fellow Egypt 2018
Adriana Barbosa Fellow Brazil Employment, Racial equality, Business & Social Enterprise, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Melina Masnatta Fellow Argentina Girls’ development, Non-formal education, Youth development, Children & Youth 2018
Tanin Timtong Fellow Thailand 2018
Lumber Andrada Fellow Uruguay Eco products, Recycling, Environment & Sustainability 2018
Nerea De Ugarte Fellow Chile 2018
Melina Masnatta Fellow Argentina 2018
Komal Dadlani Fellow Chile 2018
Jessica Ladd Fellow United States Sexuality, Gender equity, Human rights, Violence and abuse, Women’s issues, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equality 2018