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Amory Lovins
Source: Amory Lovins
This article originally appeared on Forbes

On this Earth Day, we reflect on the power of applied hope in the climate action field. Amory Lovins, an architect of the field of energy efficiency since the 1970s and founder of the world-renowned Rocky Mountain Institute, speaks with Corina Murafa, Ashoka’s global leader of Planet & Climate.

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Ashoka insight

The most effective thing to do about climate change is using energy efficiently. Energy savings provided three-fourths of the world’s 2010–16 decarbonization—three times as much as the wonderful growth in renewables. Yet hardly anyone noticed, because energy is invisible and energy we don’t use is almost unimaginable. This is what is so challenging about fully advancing energy efficiency.

In my mind, design is even more important than technology. Most people think we need more and better devices, so efficiency will cost more. But actually, we need fewer and simpler devices. The more we save, the cheaper it gets. In integrative design, returns come from radical simplification. The uptake just needs to get accelerated.