Bill Drayton discusses a Changemaker world with Carnegie Council

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Source: Ashoka


"Young people cannot know they are Changemakers unless they have done something that proves it to themselves.” said Bill Drayton in his conversation with the Carnegie foundation on June 10, 2015.

The vision for an “Everyone a Changemaker” world is very clear:  The demand for industrial repetition is rapidly diminishing due to the decreasing rate of societal change. And while we maybe used to very firm-set rules for how businesses and societies should operate, an increasing upward curve of change means that rules written one day become defunct one day later. When our environments are transforming from one day to the next, it is critical to have leaders who are in it for everyone - the greater good of society. This is where social entrepreneurs, as agents for mindset change, become key to societal harmony and longevity.

Ashoka has 3,000 social entrepreneurs, or ‘agents’, who are perfect role models to show everyone how they can promote the cognitive empathy that the business world needs. So why is the transition away from the ‘rules-dominated’ old world not happening faster?

During this conversation, Bill shares the challenges with making the empathy-based business approach mainstream; shifting the media’s bias away from the past towards than the future, to improving young people’s exposure ‘changemaker’ attributes, to inspiring an empathy-driven approach to the most repetition-dependent industries. The challenge we face now goes far beyond just mastering cognitive-empathy. Sharing the vision for an empathy-driven society will be pivotal for our collective global growth.