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Ashoka founder Bill Drayton on his life-long goal to create an "everyone a changemaker" world

This article originally appeared on Change Makers

Joining Michael on today’s Change Makers is Bill Drayton, the founder and CEO of Ashoka. For more than 40 years, Ashoka has built and nurtured the largest network of leading social entrepreneurs in the world. Described as one of America’s best leaders and the “godfather of social entrepreneurship”, Bill’s mission is to create an ‘everyone a changemaker’ world. In this interview, Bill tells us that anyone can drive change if they just give themselves permission. This is the story of someone for whom making a difference is ingrained into his family history and lives up to that legacy by fostering a pipeline of Changemakers for the future.

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Ashoka insight

"A healthy, happy, good life comes from giving; and the greatest gift is that of giving the power to give."