We are looking for Changemakers! - Who will be the new member of the Hungarian Ashoka Network in 2022?

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The constant change and rapid transformation that characterizes both our immediate environment and our world is no longer a novelty today. We all have experience, we all feel it one way or another, we can hear and read a lot about it, but in most cases not about the positive changes, but rather about the irreversible domino effects of events that lead to unstoppable, unsolvable, random chaos.



Jakubinyi Laszlo Hungarian fellow meeting

Since the founding of Ashoka, it has believed in consciously shaping change and embracing its power. It puts the person at the center and has a concrete idea of the direction of change.

The direction of change is the realization of social value creation in any area of life, in which a person aiming to consciously shape change, the social entrepreneur, sees a real and existing social problem to be solved.

We consider the creation of an international network and a common knowledge base of leading social entrepreneurs, selected by Ashoka, to be the engine of change and one of our main tasks.





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