Let the research collaboration between Ashoka Hungary and the scholars of the Budapest Corvinus University Science Shop begin!

Ashoka Hungary x Corvinus University Science Shop research collaboration
Source: Corvinus University Science Shop

The scholar work on social enterprises has started with the participation of the researchers of the Corvinus University Science Shop (Máté Farkas-Kis, Sára Forgács-Fábián, Noémi Krátki, Réka Matolay, Ákos Nagy, Éva Révész, Andrea Toarniczky).

The research covers two main topics selected on the basis of preliminary questionnaires and researcher inquiries, namely the management characteristics of social enterprises and specialties arising from the duality of social and economic goals. To explore this, six case studies on diverse domestic social enterprises will be prepared in the coming months. Based on relevant literature review, research plans have been finalized, researchers are currently carrying out experts and entrepreneurs interviews.

Further information on the programme is available here