International recognition for Nóra L. Ritók Ashoka fellow - The Louis Vuitton Award

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Source: Igazgyöngy Alapítvány
Nóra Ritók

Nóra L. Ritók, Hungarian Ashoka Fellow (Real Pearl Foundation) reports on the story of the Louis Vuitton Award:




An incredible story

When the activities of the Real Pearl Foundation become internationally supportable, it is always of special significance.

Back in June, a signal came from Ashoka Regional Director Marie Ringler that we had been nominated for a special opportunity that would provide a significant funding opportunity for social entrepreneurs. For those who help develop creativity for young people and / or vulnerable populations.

Behind it all is the social commitment of the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton and the artists it involves. They launched this charity project on five continents for the 200th anniversary of the birth of their founder.

The activity of the Real Pearl Foundation piqued their interest, as a result of which, after many steps, we were finally able to enter the 10-15 projects to be supported globally, which were presented to the 200 philanthropists. Then, in the end, it was decided who could receive support and to what extent.

The whole thing was so incredible… and it was a huge pleasure when it turned out we could get support.

In addition to financial support, it is very important that with the communication that is related to all this, the reputation of our foundation's activities can get to places you would not otherwise know. Those people hear about us, the activity and challenge we represent who we would not otherwise reach. And it always pays off. New opportunities, professional connections, supporters.

So, internationally, with this news, we have ended 2021 and we will start 2022.

Thanks to Luis Vuitton and the philanthropists and everyone who helped us get this far.

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Congratulations to Nóra L. Ritók and the Real Pearl Foundation for this huge international recognition!

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