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You are young, inspired by other young changemakers, full of energy and motivation to act... but don't know how to start?

We collected for you some help how to take the first steps.

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Check out the Resource Collection and read more about what is a social entrepreneur and how to start to become one.

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Browse among the online courses and participate in an inspiring one.

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The world is full of adventures... maybe the next one for you is a new volunteer program, a scholarship or a job? Search and find the one for you!

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All around us we see evidence that we now live in a world of accelerating change, volatility and hyperconnectivity. Yet, societies around the world continue to focus on an old idea that “success” for young people means being ready for a stable job.

In a world defined by change, no one can afford to build a life around repetition, instead, to be a contributor and an active player, everyone must learn to be a changemaker, a person who steps up to solve problems for the good of all. In other words,

becoming a changemaker must become the new norm for growing up.

In this historic moment, it is time for a big change, for a big movement. It's time for a new literacy, the Everyone a Changemaker literacy.

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Check out these collections and read more about what is a social entrepreneur, read stories from Europe and find some tools how to start.

In a rapidly changing world, everyone must feel confident and capable of creating change for the good of all. Read more about that Early Changemaking Can Last a Lifetime.

From the UK to Romania, Italy to Norway, young people are driving social change across Europe. Read, watch, and learn from the stories of changemakers to learn about their unique journeys, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Check out these toolkits and activity guides for viewing, creating, and sharing stories of young changemakers. These stories are to inspire you and your community to adopt and spread the contagious power of changemaking.

Ashoka Young Changemakers is such an awesome community! I have a great new group of friends that I can always brainstorm with and get advice from. 

Ashoka Young Changemaker
Manat AYC US 2019

Being in a community of young changemakers who are fighting for their own causes really opened up my mind and made me humble. I'm grateful for Ashoka that provides a platform to connect and unite us all.

Ashoka Young Changemaker

Joining a network of Ashoka Young Changemakers is a great happiness and privilege. We can be with inspired people, providing a feeling of belonging, understanding that we are not alone in the fight for causes that we believe to be an essential factor to continue the work.

Ashoka Young Changemaker

Stories from Ashoka Fellows and Entrepreneurs

The majority of Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs, better known as Ashoka Fellows, had their first changemaking experience before age 20. Check out inspiring stories from our Fellows reflecting on their changemaking journeys.
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