Impact Academy is a program that guides impact-driven organisations through theoretical approaches, practical strategy development and tailor-made tools and indicators in the subject of impact measurement.

The program includes trainings, workshops, mentorship and assistance to help applying the newly set up system into day to day practice and strategic direction of the organization.

Trainings, workshops, mentorship and assistance on a basic or advanced level.

Moreover, the program encourages and embraces a culture based on mutual trust, empowerment and support, learning and accountability. Impact Academy provides basic and advanced level programs for social-driven organisations and those supporting them. In addition to that, it develops a peer-to-peer network involving various actors in impact ecosystem, such as investors, financial organizations, legal and IT consultancies. 

What are we doing?

Basics of Impact Measurement - 1-day training 

This training leads organizations along the basics of impact measurement. The 1-day training's challenge is to answer questions like: What does impact measurement mean? Why is it important? What are the main theories, used methods and platforms in the subject? Where can participants start if they are interested? It also gives the opportunity for the organizations for network and relationship building.


Impact measurement incubation - Individually

The individual, advanced level Impact Academy Program is a personal work between an organization and a mentor. It also includes online training which guides the participant through theoretical approaches, practical strategy development, tailor-made tools and indicators of impact measurement. The aim of the program is to go deeper and understand the main goals of the organization; create an impact chain in order to develop a comprehensive and well-established impact measurement plan.


Impact measurement incubation - In a group

The half-year long group level Impact academy Program combines interactive workshops delivered by experts, two community events and the creation of multi-media resources to inspire the ecosystem around impact assessment. The 5 modules guide the participants through theoretical approaches, practical strategy development, tailor-made tools and indicators. The program includes mentorship and assistance to help apply the newly set up system into the day-to-day practice and strategic direction of the organizations. Participants have the chance to share their own experiences with each other and broaden their network with other impact-driven organisations. They can also develop communications materials with the help of creative partners.


Resource Center

Shifting from isolated impact to collective impact is not merely a matter of encouraging more collaboration or public-private partnerships. It requires a systemic approach to connect the ecosystem participants and provide the know-how. We created an Impact Resource Center where all materials, guidelines, scientific paper are available alongside with case-studies and concrete examples. 


The Impact Academy program has helped us tremendously to structure the organization at its start. We were less scattered and we knew where, what and why to do. Special gain is that already at the start of the organization, we ‘infected’ the entire organization with this mindset.

Impact Academy 1.0 Participant
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Our daily operations have been made more focused by clearly defining our main target groups; the impact and change we want to achieve, not only on the short, but also on the medium and long term.

Igazgyöngy Foundation
Impact Academy 1.0 Participant
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We decided to participate in Impact Academy because we wanted to get to know and organize our own processes better. In the Program we developed our impact chain; created a new infographics; established a measurement plan, which reflects truly our activities and goals.

Responsible Gastro-Hero Foundation
Impact Academy 1.0 Participant
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