Markets on a Mission

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Source: Ashoka

Mission Markets provides a centralized platform for social and environmental capital transactions

Imagine you’re an environmentally and socially-minded investor--an “impact investor,” in the jargon of the field. You’re looking for businesses and organizations whose goals align with your values.  But you don’t just want a list of mission statements.  You want analytics and data--how much impact will your investment make?--and preferably, a transaction platform with a feedback loop to help you monitor your organization’s performance and your investment’s impact.  In short, you want mission statements and you want a marketplace.

Enter Mission Markets, a marketplace with its own mission: to make impact investing “easier, more effective and more personal.”  Mission Markets provides infrastructure  and coherence to the fragmented industry of social and environmental capital exchange, and in the process they’re changing the way organizations and businesses in the field find capital. Their markets are FINRA regulated exchange platforms.

If you’ll be at SOCAP2010 this weekend, be sure to see the organization’s CEO Mike van Patten, who will be a featured speaker at the conference. He’ll likely mention the upcoming launch of Mission Markets Earth, a centralized marketplace for securities currently traded in isolated, fragmented markets, such as transferable development rights, environmental credits, fisheries and catch shares, and water rights, transfers, and leases. 

Want to know more about the economic nitty-gritty?  Check out the descriptions of their  transaction platforms here.  More of an ideas person?  Learn more about their vision from their mission statement.