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Melanie Marcel
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The Future Of Climate Research? Value All Forms Of Knowledge

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Melanie Marcel is a social entrepreneur pioneering the field of “Responsible Innovation” in Europe’s scientific community. We caught up with her to reflect on the role of scientific research in the climate action field.

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If I look at the people I interact with everyday – scientists and industry professionals – they are all individually interested in advancing more than just economic outcomes. But the system is built in a way that puts profit first. Researchers also tell us: “I would be really interested to work on this project, but if I do that, my career is at risk, because what I really need is to file a patent or publish a paper.” What needs to happen is a change in what we value and in our system– at the highest level. Maybe we need a bit of a revolution... We are stuck doing things in a way that not so many people agree with, why is that?