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Bill Drayton’s Army of Changemakers

Today, more than ever, Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton believes that teenagers and children should also be changemakers. When asked why he feels this urgency now, he shares that the world is in the “middle of a necessary but painful historical transition.” This new reality, spurred in part by rapid, technology-fueled change, he says, can explain why income equality has spiraled out of control.

Become a World Leader: Embrace the "Everyone a Changemaker" Culture

Business and social sectors are in the midst of the most profound structural revolution, says Bill Drayton, the pioneer of social entrepreneurship. "The rate of change and the degree and extent of interconnection between the two sectors have been accelerating exponentially for the last three centuries. Business started the revolution, but now both the sectors are fully engaged in this transition. 

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Jovem Transformador Ashoka reconhecido em jornal estadual

Publicado em: 25 Junho 2019

"Jovem de Santa Catarina é selecionado para rede global de empreendedores sociais. Vitor nasceu em Atalanta e criou junto com seus amigos o projeto ambiental Plantando o Futuro"

Jovem Transformador Ashoka reconhecido no jornal

Publicado em: 30 de junho de 2019 

"Jovens ajudam Atalanta, município do Alto Vale do Itajaí, a plantar o futuro

Trabalho desenvolvido na pequena cidade tem foco na conscientização ambiental dos produtores rurais e reconhecimento de ONG mundial"