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ONG internacional reconhece jovens transformadores

 A matéria do Jornal Nacional do dia 18 de maio de 2019 fala sobre o projeto de Jovens Transformadores Ashoka, realizado pela primeira vez no Brasil, para o reconhecimento de jovens transformadores ao redor do país. Esses jovens contribuíram para transformar a sociedade de alguma forma. Esse evento possibilita o acesso a uma rede de conhecimento.

Ashoka Reconhece Jovens Transformadores no Brasil

A Ashoka, considerada uma das cinco ONGs de maior impacto social no mundo, realizou, nos dias 18 e 19 de maio, em São Paulo, o painel Jovens Transformadores Ashoka (JTA). A organização identificou jovens de 13 a 20 anos que lideram causas, projetos e ações que impactam positivamente a sociedade brasileira.

Engaging All: Strategies for Thriving in Complexity

The 2019 American Express Global Alumni Summit included a livestreamed event featuring Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka in conversation with Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Drayton shared his extensive experience in the social sector, and discussed strategies for engaging various stakeholders to thrive in our complex society.

About LeadYoung

What is a changemaker?

#LeadYoung - Matine Khalighi: Turning empathy into collective action for the good of all in Denver, Colorado

Changemakers embody a new form of leadership needed in our rapidly changing and complex world.  Rather than one person leading and others following, today’s new leadership enables everyone to participate through fluid, open collaboration so that everyone can contribute. Matine’s story shows how a group of empathetic young peers learned how to identify a problem, build a team, and implement a solution. Together they are helping other young people realize their power as changemakers.

Speed Sharing

Speed Sharing laat leerlingen op de middelbare school samenkomen met professionals uit diverse vakgebieden. Het doel is om de jongeren te begeleiden en inspireren bij het maken van keuzes voor hun studie en carrière.

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Speed Sharing

Rencontres entre des élèves du secondaire et des professionnels de différents domaines qui partagent leur passion afin d’accompagner et d’inspirer les jeunes dans leurs choix d’études supérieures et de carrière professionnelle.

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