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Alejandro Marius

Trabajo y Persona brinda capacitación a jóvenes ayudándolos a formar parte de la fuerza laboral venezolana con un modelo 360 que garantiza el éxito del proyecto.

#LeadYoung - Malika Rawal: Empowering her community from North Carolina, US to West Bengal, India

When visiting India, and more precisely the villages her parents grew up in, Malika was struck by the spread of disease and poor sanitation in that community. 

#LeadYoung - Malcolm Asher: Making hospitals more friendly for youth

Starting with a pack of art supplies, Malcolm and his team launched a nonprofit and global movement to change how kids experience hospitals through art

When You Burn Out While Changing the World

Many social entrepreneurs experienced trauma early in life, which motivated them for social causes. These experiences can –  especially in the early phase –  provide a positive impetus. Over time, however, the personal shadows can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that is exacerbated by the “normal” challenges of the social sector, such as high financial pressure and persistent social grievances.

Find a Better Balance with Our Tips for Digital Wellbeing

To get the word out about healthy habits, we created a new series of Digital Wellbeing videos as part of Google’s Digital Workshop. Each video encourages you to think about how you use technology and suggests ways to find the right balance for you. Because Digital Wellbeing means something different for each of us, we’ve partnered with a team of psychologists, anthropologists and mindfulness experts.

Emerging Insights 2018: Health

Half the world lacks access to essential health services, pushing 100 million people into extreme poverty because they must pay for health care out of pocket. Greater interconnections and cross-border communication pathways are enabling real-time health solutions and enabling more people to take proactive control in their individual health outcomes.

Leading Social Entrepreneurs

The newest edition features a sampling of the Ashoka Fellows recently brought into the largest global network of social entrepreneurs.

Francesca Fedeli

Fellow dal 2015

Organizzazione: Fight The Stroke