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Eating the Elephant

“Do you know how to eat an elephant?” My father loves to ask me this question when he sees that I am totally overwhelmed. During my first month immersed in the engineering genius of EHAS (pronounced Aay-Ahs), I have had to keep reminding myself that the best way to get through something formidable, like eating an elephant, is one bite at time.  

Giant Rats put Noses to Work on Africa's Land Mine Epidemic

Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens' organization, APOPO, trains HeroRats (giant pouched rats) to detect landmines in Africa. Bart is also employing their superb noses to detect tuberculosis. 

Jerry White and the Campaign for Healthy Homecoming

Jerry White – global survivor activist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, co-founder of Survivor Corps, and author of I Will Not Be Broken – continues his remarkable work to help victims of violent conflict all over the world. 

“Call them not your children, call them your builders”

This post first appeared on the Global Health Ideas blog. It has been cross-posted with their permission.


Meet Some Recently Elected RIF Fellows

Farouk Jiwa is establishing secure and sustainable ways to increase the income levels of rural farmers in East Africa. His organization, Honey Care Africa, is not just helping subsistence farmers supplement their income through beekeeping. Farouk has partnered with civil society organizations to provide alternative equity financing, and the result is a financially sustainable cycle of investments in community development.

Maternal Mortality in the US

How can it be that America, a country known for economic growth and leadership, has the highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized country? More so, in a country pioneering equal rights and diversity, black babies are twice as likely as white babies to die before reaching their first birthday. 

Conversation with Ashoka Globalizer Fellow Estela Villareal

We recently spoke with Ashoka Fellow Estela Villareal.  Estela is one of our Fellows from Mexico and also a 2010 Ashoka Globlizer Fellow. Estela uses public recreational spaces to facilitate interaction between disabled and non-disabled youth to promote mainstream integration for people with special needs.

The Freedom to Innovate: The Contributions of Social Entrepreneurs to the Field of Global Public Health

Ashoka Vice-President of Global Marketing Beverly Schwartz has contributed a chapter to a new book on the role of community-based organizations and non-governmental organizations in public health.

New Data Shows Progress for Maternal Health

The maternal health community has been buzzing this week about a report on maternal health released by the Lancet and featured in the New York Times. The report uses new and improved maternal health data to evidence significant declines in maternal mortality worldwide between 1980 and 2008. Why is this so exciting? One word: progress!

Changing Systems, Redefining Healthcare

It’s safe to say that systems are changing thanks to the recent passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act in the United States. Meanwhile, Ashoka Fellow Rebecca Onie is changing the health care systems from within by redefining the criteria used to define health and ensuring that patients’ resource needs are regularly and systematically addressed as a fundamental component of their patient care.