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Salud en el debate presidencial

Los integrantes de las 53 organizaciones que organizaron este movimiento se pusieron la campaña a los hombros y enviaron a todos los candidatos presidenciales un

Accelerating Healthcare Access: Every Mother and Child Thriving

What are the biggest challenges in providing good quality healthcare to people in developing countries? And how are leading social entrepreneurs and business experts working together to overcome these barriers?

Accelerating Healthcare Access (AHA!) is a collaboration between Ashoka, the Philips Foundation, and other leading organizations. We invite you to join us to explore the answers to the above questions in our webinar series.

Artificial Intelligence, Health, and the Future of Human Agency

Dr. Stephen Friend, a globally acclaimed serial entrepreneur and biomedical researcher, talks about how the future of health could be a radical new model of health, augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) machines that begin to replace replace a doctor’s decision making, but counterbalanced by a community of support that promotes each patient’s power to make their own choices.