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Engaging All: Strategies for Thriving in Complexity

The 2019 American Express Global Alumni Summit included a livestreamed event featuring Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka in conversation with Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Drayton shared his extensive experience in the social sector, and discussed strategies for engaging various stakeholders to thrive in our complex society.

Bina Nepram: Her Path To & Through Exile

“Don’t ask any questions. You’ll be shot dead.” This is a common refrain in Manipur state in India, where Ashoka Fellow Binalakshmi (Bina) Nepram grew up. Yet Bina asked questions. And despite currently living in exile, she continues to ask with conviction.

Basit Jamal: Stories for Inclusive Islam

The world is seeking solutions to curb radicalisation of Muslim youth, a space where Delhi-born Ashoka Fellow Basit Jamal has made remarkable headway in India. Through a powerful storytelling platform, Jamal has created a space within conservative Muslim circles to promote a non-violent and inclusive interpretation of the Quran. He has reached more than 10,000 youth so far and has enabled each one of them to become ambassadors of change within their communities.

Ashoka Fellow Mary Gordon Wins Canada's Innovation Award

Canada’s first Ashoka Fellow Mary Gordon is a 2018 winner of the Innovation Award give by Canada's Governor General, the representative of the Queen in Canada. The award is given to individuals, teams, and organizations whose innovations are truly exceptional, transformative, and positive in their impact on quality of life in Canada.

Armed With The Quran, How One Ashoka Fellow Is Helping Thousands Of Youth In India

It is one of the biggest ironies of this world that religion, a system of belief that is meant to unite this world, has today become one of the biggest causes of its division. And if religions across the world have anyone to blame for their misuse, it is those who are its gatekeepers. Whether it be be Brahmin priests who held/hold onto Vedic knowledge to establish caste superiority amongst Hindus, or Maulvis and Ulemas who offer an inter-pretation of Islam that is not meant to be questioned; religion in the wrong hands has been a roadblock to peace and progress.

Everyone a Changemaker: Bill Drayton's Challenge to the World

Bill Drayton invented the term “social entrepreneur” and founded Ashoka, the organization that supports 3,500 of them in 93 countries. He’s a legend in the nonprofit world, so I went to him this week to see if he could offer some clarity and hope in discouraging times. He did not disappoint.

The Babies Teaching Kindness in Class

Naomi isn’t your average teacher. For one thing, she’s only seven months old. But in many schools across Canada babies like Naomi are a regular feature at the front of class.

#LeadYoung - Anshul Tewari Created India’s Largest Youth Media Platform at Age 17

Anshul Tewari was dismayed that cultural taboos are producing “a culture of silence that is pushing an entire generation away from changemaking.”

Good Grief! Is It Possible to Bridge Our Differences?

"From the outset, our end-goal was one of culture change. People woke up and realized they were in relationships only with people that looked like them and believed in the things they believed. They wanted to break out of that, but didn’t know how. So we decided to stage an intervention."