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How to Change the World


In a series of interviews with the world's leading thinkers who are shaping our future, Vikas Shaw talks to the founders of three of the world’s most influential civil sector organizations: Ashoka CEO and founder Bill Drayton, who is joined by the founders of Habitat for Humanity and the Crisis Text Line. Drayton describes what it takes to thrive and make an impact on a world that is characterized by ever increasing rates of change.

Todos são agentes de transformação

A Ashoka acredita que estamos no meio de uma dolorosa, mas necessária, transição histórica. Por milênios a vida das pessoas tinha um certo padrão. Você foi à escola para aprender um uma habilidade. Então você poderia entrar no mercado de trabalho e desempenhar a mesma função todos os dias, pelo resto da sua vida.  

Nova Realidade



O momento histórico 

Engaging All: Strategies for Thriving in Complexity

The 2019 American Express Global Alumni Summit included a livestreamed event featuring Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka in conversation with Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Drayton shared his extensive experience in the social sector, and discussed strategies for engaging various stakeholders to thrive in our complex society.

2019's Top 5 Most Innovative And Impactful Social Enterprises

Ashoka is #2 on the list of 2019's top five most innovative and impactful social enterprises. Ashoka's founder and CEO Bill Drayton is considered the godfather of social entrepreneurs, widely credited with bringing the term "social entrepreneur" into the mainstream. Since 1981, his organization, Ashoka, has been supporting leading social enterprises around the world.

When Empathy Meets Philanthropy

As chief investment officer of the Capital Group from 1992 and 2016, Mr. Nguyen-Phuong oversaw the investment of more than $5 billion in more than 80 companies across Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa. Now retired, he has supported Ashoka, and is a donor through an Ashoka endowment fund set up in his family's name, the Nguyen-Phuong Family Endowment, to support entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Nguyen-Phuong believes that philanthropy and empathy are the proverbial peas in a pod. "Philanthropy is like love, but it's a much abused word," he said.