Meet the 8th Batch of Youth Venturers from India

16 Young Changemakers redefining the role of youth
Source: Divyadarshan

While the norm is to focus on academics, these teenagers are looking beyond their textbooks. From innovating an alternative cooking fuel to digitising the football scouting process to make it equitable, these teenagers are changing the narrative of what youth in this country aspire for. They recognise the social and environmental problems around them and find intriguing ways to solve them. Never again, can we doubt the capability of the youth to challenge patterns and change narratives.

Ashoka is thrilled to formally announce the 8th batch of Youth Venturers from India. The multiplicity of ways in which they demonstrate empathy, creativity, teamwork and collaborative leadership leaves us spellbound.

Learn more about the Youth Venture programme and how you can support children in your own communities to #LeadYoung.