The Future Calls for a New Paradigm for Growing Up, Education, Management and Leadership

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“At various pivotal moments in history, a small group of people see where the world is heading. They help everyone else to see it, urging them to develop a new framework of perceiving, thinking and leading new actions that can have a huge impact on the world.” 

We are at such an historical pivotal moment now. 

Bill Drayton shares the four necessary and integrated skills all people and organizations everywhere must have to thrive in a world of constant change, the important role of leadership to catalyze empathy-based movements that forever change our actions, and the challenge for us all to reach for pattern- and frame-changing impact in our innovations and collaborations -- not only to outpace change, but to create new value for the good of all.

You can learn more about this new way of thinking from this article: Growing Up: The New Paradigm and The Jujitsu of Introducing a New Mindset by By Bill Drayton