Discover the new Ashoka Strategy for Changemaking

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Source: Ashoka

Ashokas business is about Changemaking for the good of all (what we call “Framework change”) which is achieved by moving from an old paradigm to a new and better one. Ashoka is uniquely positioned to identify the new paradigms needed, by sourcing them from its community of social entrepreneurs and demonstrating them through its broader network of social impact leaders (in schools, universities, companies, media, etc.).

The social entrepreneurs of the Ashoka network (the “Fellows”) are at the front edge of change, working to solve the worlds most pressing issues. They are great role models who put into perspective underlying trends and “how-tos” for working and confidently contributing in the world which is increasingly defined by change rather than repetition.

That is why, in addition to its core business of selecting and supporting innovative social entrepreneurs, Ashokas strategy will increasingly focus on the identification and acceleration of some of these trends put into perspective by a critical mass of Fellows, enabling us to understand the upheaval to come in a field and announcing the new paradigms of changemaking for the good of all.