Executive in Residence

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Executive in Residence fosters high-impact collaborations between companies and leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) that have the potential to change the dynamics of traditional markets, enhance competitiveness, and create systemic social impact.

Executive in Residence

The Program

Through the Executive in Residence program, corporate executives work on-site with leading social entrepreneurs around the world for a period of from two weeks to six months. During this time with the social entrepreneur, the executive tackles a challenge that is critical to the social entrepreneur’s ability to scale their impact.

Simultaneously, by working with the world’s leading social innovators, the executives bring back lessons learned about new innovations, emerging markets, and leadership techniques. At the end of their on-site placement, the executive and social entrepreneur continue to collaborate virtually and gain the opportunity to create shared value partnerships for their organizations.

“My pro-bono experience [with Ashoka’s Executive in Residence] has been hugely valuable. I am a more empathic leader, have a deeper understanding of our company’s role in creating social change, and recognize my own power to create positive change in the world. . . . I encourage every corporate leader to contribute their time and skills to the social sector.”
– Kiran Shetty, Regional Vice President and Managing Director, India at Western Union Financial Service

Through this program, companies can:

  1. Gain access to Ashoka’s unparalleled global network of more than 3,000 Ashoka Fellows across more than 90 countries.
  2. Collaborate with Fellows that are applying cutting-edge social innovation to fields such as community development, education, financial services, healthcare, and human rights.
  3. Contribute to exponential social impact through well-defined, high-impact projects with Fellows who are already making a difference.
  4. Lay the groundwork to realize shared value via highly customized placements that match your company’s strategic interests, executive skill sets, and Fellow projects.
  5. Take advantage of Ashoka’s 25 years of experience facilitating pro bono opportunities for executives at Boehringer-Ingelheim, McKinsey & Co., Western Union, and others. 

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