Prerna Aswani

Ashoka Staff
Photo of Prerna Aswani, Ashoka UK & Ireland Staff; black and white photo; person with dark long hair smiling and glancing to the left of the camera. Dressed in a dark form tank top and a metallic necklace. Background is white
Community & Fellowship Manager, Ashoka UK & Ireland

Prerna is a seasoned development professional with previous experience working in youth social mobility, designing programmes and building partnerships to dismantle access to quality higher education for talented rural youth in India as part of the founding team at the Karta Initiative. Most recently, she worked as a Project Lead at inHive democratising access to networks and social capital across the globe, working across East and West Africa as well as the UK with partners like the Mastercard Foundation to develop their alumni network strategy. She started her career in economic consulting before transitioning to the non-profit sector and has published a number of blogs on the power of networks in tackling social challenges.